How Long Does it Take for Adsense Check to Get Cleared?

So many views have been made on this. This article is based on personal experience in the adsense business. So far I have been working with adsense for the past 4years and the issues with clearing of adsense checks/cheques have been known to vary based on so many factors.

Some of these factors include:
- Mode of delivery of your adsense cheques/check:
If you use the standard delivery. It will likely take between 3-4weeks before your check will arrive and there have been few cases where it took only 2 weeks!But with the Express delivery option you can be rest assured that your check will arrive within one week. I love this option because this is what am currently using and it doesn't stress me waiting endlessly for my checks.

- Another important factor is how soon you deposit your check and Bank factors: The earlier you pay in your check the earlier you are likely to get paid into your local bank account. Generally adsense checks are always cleared within 21 days from their clearing house. This you will always see when you log into your adsense account.It will inform you when your adsense check was cleared and the date it cleared.

But the surprising thing is that it may not have reflected in your real local bank account. Many adsense users have had to wait for another 7days or even some weeks more before the dollars actually gets to the account. This can be frustrated sometimes.

ThereforeI want you to share your experiences about the delays you encountered while clearing your adsense checks and what did you do about it if you did anything or you just left the situation like that until the money entered.
Candid opinion expected.

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