Secrets About Girls And How Our Mind Works!

This is an article that was writtern and culled from Nairaland by a very passionate writer on dating and romance. Her username is splasy_duicy. This is a very resourceful and interesting article I will want all ladies and Guys should read in order to discover some hidden truths about secrets of girls and how their minds work.


GIRLS, we are one easy and complicated creatures, a girl and am writing this for the benefit of the eligible gentlemen of the ton...whatever that means...lets start from somewhere...



QUOTE ME: You probably think its only guys that watch Indecency or are addicted don’t let your girl friend deceive you eighty (80%) percent girls are addicted to Indecency but that should be locked inside our closet of course we cant go about addmiting to that!


VIRGINITY: “i was Molested thats how i lost my virginity”ninety percent of this are always lies! no jokes,no girl likes to admitting to loosing her virginity to a wrong person and when the sxx that lead to the loose wasnt good enough they place it as molestation,so go find your honest ten percent....ooops! before i forget,most girls lie about not being sexually active at the first stage of their relationships..why?...they believe you would treat them better and give them more respect and you know whats funny some guys never find out its a lie because of the new products coming out for girls like virgina tighteeners..


Most molestation cases are not molestation,but instead were initiated by the girls first!

FOURTH: She comes to your house and starts cleaning and washing and she says she is enjoying it #sorry# give her a little time and you would see a new face to that coin...xcept she is above thirty five and desperate of course.

FIFTH: How many people she has had sxx with.there is always a stagnant and un moving number for every new guy she dates.thats why you have to go for test most times.

we all know that girls think pink and guys think blue,incase you dont understand that let me give you a hint with examples: when a girl says "honey i have nothing to wear" and her closet is filled with clothes,it means "honey i want you to take me for shopping", a girls mind can produce pictures from the present,our imagination is our weakness thats why a girl can jump to conclusion of marriage with just few contacts,thats because they have been to that future and the time looks longer than it is,we imagine a lot of things in a short period of time that is why most romantic books are written by females..............girls get overwhelmed by what we hear..yes thats why most girls fall for suger tongued dudes,its not being cheap thats how we were programmed!

when a girl says no problem,then prepare yourself for a whole baggage of trouble because she has been saving it for a long time when you dont see it coming of course......our whatever is your "fcc you",if you have a girl friend who isnt jealous or uncomfortable about your female friends fact is,its either she has a lot of you's or she doesnt really care about you.its only two percent that trust you wholly but our DNA has jealousy written all over it.

when we see a cute guy the first time we notice his physical attributes but the third time his looks dissapears and we try to see whats inside.....we fall for the rude bad guys because they seem special even when they are empty,the good ones dont have those things we crave for in a guy and are boring,most of the things we say on our first dates are white lies to impress you if we like you of course or if we love your money...

Dont mind those girls that tell you "am watching my weight" marry them and you would know how long the journey is..some girls eat more than most guys,its hidden behind a font of know those pictures we post and say "no makeup" and we still look cute,thats because we still use a little invincible makeup ,you take us outing and we bring our girl friends without due notice,thats because we have planned our big feast from your pocket of course, we bring our pretty girl friends and introduce you to them with a big grin, be carefull thats a big hole we just dug for you a whole lot of things could happen....


The "follow my friends":this girls dont know what they want because they do just everything they see others doing and they wont stick to you or a long time and they could be very dangerous because there would be nothing personal between you two and if her friends are spendtrifts get ready to have a drained pocket!

THE GIRLS:this type of girls never trust you not even one percent,they are always confused and so they dont trust anyone,they became insecure because of different type of emotional problems ranging from heart break,dissapointment,betrayal while some are just naturally insecure,these kind of girls could be so anoying and they can nag at you most times and suspect your every moves...

THE UNPREDICTABLE ONES:these type are often dangerous and they could do a number of things to you when you cheat on them, they are patient and mostly quiet but dont let that deceive you they could end your life and even their own without looking back.

THE PLAYERS;these kind of girls always tend to cheat and they cant date one guy at a time,they are official liars,paper chasers but they do not want to be cheated on,they love parties,they put codes on their phones,they know what you like and always seem perfect except you are wise enough to notice some loop holes,they call you when they are in the middle of scx and tell you that they are sick just to heighten the tension,they are mostly scx addicts,they are also ambitious

THE ALPHA FEMALE:this type of ladies intimidate men around her because of her early success or how rich her family back ground is,she owns every thing and she controls any man she dates and wouldnt endure any thing she is not comfortable with from a guy,she is independent.and thats why guys were scared of marrying educated girls in those days so as to keep them ignorant and till this day some men still wont let their wives work even if she is educated to avoid exposing her to the society and thats so lame except of course she likes it!

THE ALL WEATHER FEMALE:they tend to be different things at the same time,they are just normal and they follow rules on how they know it to be,they are not easy to be deceived because they dont stick on one position at the same time,they could possess different qualities and they are very hard to find,they could help you save or spend your money depending on their feelings for you.

"THE WOBBLY FEMALES"its my own special name for this kind of females,they lie to the extent they convince them self that the lie is true thats why you would see a girl crying out her eyes when there are evidence against her,sometimes deep down they know the truth while some are clue less,this kind of girls are often thieves,they sleep around and call it "no strings",


If you are a guy and you have a big lip please avoid exessively and sloppy k/isses, they are very disgusting,we might pretend to like them at first(we are the godes of pretense)but it gets disgusting you should also notice how she react to your ki/sses and make sure you are not swallowing half of her face!!TRUST ME ALL HER FRIENDS WOULD KNOW ABOUT IT AFTER YOUR BREAK!!!

Avoid talking about your toilet issues with us except we are very close to you because we also use the toilets to and we know every disgusting parts so when you think you are actually funny we begin to see a picture of a dirty disgusting dude(even if we also do worse things).

Every girl would get territorial when you always talk about your female friends,your ex.we are curious to know what type of girl you usually date but that doesnt mean you talk about them every time...

Avoid slapping or pinching a girls butt, it just shows that you think she is a LovePeddler or you dont value her,you can only do that if you are very close,or you have an understanding but dont ever do that if you are in the early stage of your relationship only that can undo all your hard work! we prefare when you grab in the middle of 'something' that makes us feel wanted..

we know that we are saying silly things when we are, we just want to see how you handle it,so you dont have to say it out loud but that doesnt mean we want to also hear silly things to.

When a girl sees you happy with your friend and she doesnt get happy,its not because she doesnt want you happy we actually think it must be the gossip about other females that is doing that trick thats why we actaually prefare being the foundation of your happiness!!

Girls are indeed their own enemies, we know when a guy is a cheat we just think with time we would change him...and ninety percent never come to pass,we see all the little signs and we just stick its either because we love you too much or we planning destruction for you!!

MULTI_PURPOSE: This kind of girls are under the players too..they have a stable partner but keep other guys around for various reason ranging from :to satisfy dia "hunger" wen their partner is absent,to keep them company,and they could just keep u around because they like what they see in you or you have something their partner doesn't have,as a substitute in case of breakups,for your money,or they think letting you go would rob them of your company because guys run away from girls when they turn them down,or the final reason which is also strange is for your admirance girls love being admired and feeling like someone is so madly in love with them and they get jealous when that attension is turned to someone else and also for the pretty paper...

THE MEEK AND UNDERSTANDDING churchy:most of the females in this group were brought up with the belief that its a mans world so you have no choice in any say even if you are being maltreated be submissive,they are not exposed and theyy see the world through one eye,their spirits have been broken(some times),some get like that because they are well over marriagable age and have to be calm to "catch their own fish".


Its not a secrete that almost ninety percent of Nigerian ladies have spiritual problems,they just don't tell you till they have locked both your hands wwith good padlock,the first solid reason why there are a lot of women in church iss TO FIND A HUSBAND,many females have personal pastors and wheneverr you go for a singles programme anywhere be it a church,just look around and you woul see that the population of ffemales are always more and you might just see a few men.secondly SPIRITUAL FAMILY HERITAGE:thiss is also a common reason ,TO COVER THE SINS OF THEIR YOUTH:this also is done so that they would find good spouses even after living a "fun filled" life...more on the way

THE GOSSIPS: This kind of women enjoys gossiping about other peoples marriages and they elivate things that are supposed to be minor.they talk about how bad a parent is in carrying out discipline to their kids but they are actually worse and their marriage is not worth being called a marriage,they go behind their friends and say different things and enjoy gossiping about their neighbours,they often join little groups were they meet other gossips of their type and this group consists of HOUSEWIVES...quote:an idle mind is the devils workshop!!

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