Banned from Adsense? Exclusively Hot Adsense Alternatives 2013.

No doubt Adsense pays well. However, you could be one of those whose Adsense account was banned because of reasons unknown or maybe you wanna try out some HIGH PAYING ADSENSE ALTERNATIVES. Here is an important list of some HIGH PAYING AD NETWORKS.

Profusionads: Whether you got a web traffic of millions of monthly page views or just a few thousands. Whether you have an organic traffic or paid traffic. This ad network accepts all kinds of publishers and pays handsomely. Display CPC text ads or both CPC text and CPM image ads. You get an opportunity to make the most out of your ad space. Moreover, the support executives are always there to help you make the most out of your web traffic. There are publishers earning as much as $5 per click of CPC Ads displayed on their websites. Try out this ad network and you will be building a high profit online business.
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Infolinks: This ad network pays well too. You get to display intext, insearch, intag and inframe ads. This way you get an opportunity to monetize your website in an alternative way rather than the usual way of displaying ads in some reserved space in your pages. So if you want to display ads in the spaces apart from the usual ad spaces on your website, this could be a great deal for you. Sign up with Infolinks here.

ExitJunction: Wanna monetize your website even more? Consider monetizing your exit traffic. This ad network lets you make money from the visitors bouncing back from your website. Sign up with ExitJunction here.


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