Got Ideas to Start A Business? Ideas are Nothing!

I stumbled on this interesting must share article from this source http://www.akinalabi.com/ideas-are-nothing/ written by one of the start up gurus we have in Nigeria. The article goes thus... Please read through to get the gist.

Not too long a go, I got talking to a friend of a friend who was in Nigeria for holidays.
He lives in the UK. He told me he has plans to relocate to Nigeria to start a business. Because he knows I’m the god of small business development, he wanted me to advise him on what to do.
I asked him about his dream business but he told me it was his secret idea and he does not want me to steal it.
I laughed hard.
Very Hard.
Everyday, I meet people who believe their ideas are the best thing since sliced bread. They hoard it thinking they are the only ones with that idea. Eventually, they do nothing with it. Later when they see someone else doing that thing, they say to themselves…
“That Was My Idea”
No sir. It wasn’t your idea. The idea owner is the person that got up to do something.
Ideas Are Nothing!
Back to my story.
When the UK dude saw that I was not interested in advising him any longer without telling me his idea, he finally gave in. He told me his idea. Lo and behold, his idea was to start…
A Sports Betting Company.
I laughed again.
This time, really really hard.
So the idea this guy had was sports betting. Sports betting industry that my company, NairaBET.com and other companies have been dominating for years? He sat down in the UK thinking he had a unique idea.
Ideas Are Nothing.
Only those that do things with them succeed.
Let me tell you another story. This actually happened to me.
A few years ago, I came up with an idea to organize magic shows in Nigeria. I felt music and comedy shows have been dominated so I wanted something different. I thought a magic show would be great.
Growing up in the eighties I remember the late Professor Peller make good money as a magician. That culture has died and I wanted to do something about it. Infact, I learnt some magic myself. I spoke to some magicians broad about the possibility of staging magic shows in Nigeria. I nursed the idea in my head for years forgetting that…
Ideas Are Nothing!
One day, I was watching a magic program on TV. The magician was talking about how he spends most of his time flying around the world. Images of places where he had performed came on the screen. To my shock, I saw images of…
Eko Hotel And Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.
That was my idea.
To reinforce that this was Lagos, they showed him in on the road with BRT buses all over the place. I was so down that my idea had been taken by some other smart person. But truly, we all have ideas. Ideas belong to no one. Let me repeat that…
Ideas Are Nothing.
Only those that get up to something about them succeed.
So what idea do you have in your head? A lot? Pick one of them, maybe the easiest to achieve and start work on it. You can then move to other ones.
Move your lazy ass and do something.

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  1. Nice one Eniola. I really enjoyed reading this.


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