Courage – The Superhuman Character of Increasing Your Standard

In whatsoever a man does in his life, if courage is not meticulously courted, it will be burdensome  to further a particular cause in life. This is anyway consequent to the fact that every inch of life is

being paired with discouragement on purpose to either deter a man from a particular fruitful venture or toughen up his life experience and understanding.

With that being said, it would be false enough to

think of dispensability of courage in the New Year, but to attenuate its importance and uniqueness as a virtue would be holistic incapacitation of oneself for a lifetime.

There are many suitable examples to attend this discussion, but with David’s being the choicest

and familiar sort, I shall say this man was an epitome of courage. His inhabiting city having being pillaged by marauders as a result of his absence he was subjected to despair and despondency. And

as all was on course, some o his men who had gone to war with him were thinking about transferring

their aggression on him for having lost their entire families and properties. But as fate would shape

it as though it were drama they refrained. Consequent to this David shook off his despondency and

encourage himself in the Lord. It was as a result of this one single act of courage that helped this man repossess all his stolen possession.

There are many reading this right now whose possessions have been lost in many ways by their different ramification. Staying at the valley of despondency will not help. It would only amount to

mediocrity by thinking about the past because it doesn’t exist again except with the stint it has left on you. Fortunately, the stint which the past left on a man is just a shadow that cannot cast a true

definition of real picture. So a man would do himself a great favour if he would not go about with the coat of the past swaddled all around to the intent of reminding others.

Being courageous will help a man out of difficult circumstance. It will make him take a giant stride of step where a leap frog would have been deemed impossible. 

It sets man back to the path avoiding past mistakes and probably makes right what has been made wrong as in the case of David who did not recovered what was his alone but everything else that looked like his in the hands of the enemies.

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