Determination- The Integral Virtue in Life

It’s a very good thing to desire fortunes and blessings in life, but staying at this junction will make a man just like another man born of mediocrity. For every man desires to have something of great value, grandeur, and splendid in life but cannot do more than desiring. Therefore, determination is another stepping stone which makes a true contender and pursuer of success. Determination ignites the dynamo in a man and propels him towards the right choice of direction.

It is such a good thing to see a man performing under the influence of determination. Such a man like this becomes unstoppable and insuperable by circumstances and challenges of life. A lot of things in the world around speak volume about the inevitabilityof determination in a man’s life.

And by close examination, such a great and formidable force depicted by the professional competitors can be related to determination. Each competitor having passed through the stage of desire thought it imperative not to remain but aimed higher by determining to win something worthwhile winning in their lives. The same goes to every man in the world, for so has some the belief that we’re actors and actresses without repertoire, and if any of our actions is being put forth without the grace of determination, such action will be reputed failure.  
It is necessary to include within a subject matter like this a colourful example of great people from the pages of history. Alexander the great was a product of one certain complacent man Philip of Macedon. The latter wasn’t much of desiring temperament let alone determination as his son was for it was recorded in the history that Alexander conquered the whole world at the age 33; a thing which no one before him has ever done, a thing which was borne of determination. 
And it would seem best not to ascribe all but certain point of his life which allegorically speaks of this virtue “determination.” And this time did not exist until the time when his warmongering reached its culmination, he was faced with the challenge of an entirely unfamiliar milieu where having conquered such a vast terrain across his path, if he considers retreating, history would have understood with him. 

But, the reverse was the case. With determination defied the strange terrain and the harshness of weather, pressed on towards the Indian armies, intrigued his own by spearheading the siege, and embraced the trained superhuman resource elephant unprepared. Whatever the rest of glory and honour achieve by this great figure, I will dare say determination has made it come to fruition.

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