Strength – The Resilient Quality of a Man!

Another thing which a man needs in this New Year to break from the barren past is strength.

Consequent to this, it is necessary to understand that true strength cannot be measured by a man’s

physique or semblance but by his character
and the total worth that he is made of. A strength like this

only comes from within to shape the life of a man who so applies it for the purpose of greatness.

It would not be superfluous to think that courage and strength goes along
when men are ploughing

the field of greatness in life. While courage brings hope and vision of a goal feasible, strength makes

it possible by inciting the drive from within. Now the relationship between strength and character is

definitely described in the realm of relationship between a man and other able entities that may come

across his destiny in life. Be careful, for the entity may be man, animal, or inanimate object. Yet all

these will measure up in determination of how strengthened your characters have been in the cause of


A man aiming higher and for better cause this New year must be a man of good character refined

by strength, for a lot of unknown happenings are lurking ahead the corner. These happenings are

described unknown because they’re the twisted hurdles across your path in the past, and if your

character is not refined and changed by inward strength, your response or reaction to such hurdle will

not change from that of last year which is the certified monument of your failure.

 To make this more familiar I shall make allusion to a man who have just made resolution not to drink again in the New Year. And so to some extent he has kept to his resolution until one day he had no money. On his way  about looking for money he met some of his old folks --- folks he used to buy drink for. But since fate

has twisted the experience for him, they did not offer a drink but only divulged they were going to a

drinking competition to make doe and if he is interested in making some cash as well he may yet tag


If this man having being presented such a great opportunity on a platter of gold has not changed

by allowing his inner strength to refine his outward character, he would grab the seemingly golden

opportunity. Before he wakes from stupor and discovers himself, it would be another New Year of yet

another chance for resolution.

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