The Key Success for the New Year! Part ONE.

                                       Discover your past short-comings
Having scaled through the rough old year with its intimidating and unbearable sickening factors which always plague you every night by the reason of ceaseless nightmares being as a result of anxiety and confusion of your life, you will find the following series of virtues towards success a befitting guide for excellence for the next 56 weeks of the year. It is advisable that you read each of these virtues per day meditatively, and following this outlined blueprint for success meticulously, the least expectation is that you will achieve greatness. 

 As the pristine door of the New Year flips open for everyone who has been gifted to enter in, what will be the expected and the common gesture from all is how to profitably live the New Year without any mistake even at the tender age. For so has every wise man deemed every god-given opportunity which comes their way after being able to take a spontaneous possession of it, to evaluate, ratiocinate, and re-evaluate their entire demeanours.

Having this focus in mind for the time being in the New Year, it would not be gratuitous if one takes a retrospective view of the past not with the intent to grieve or to account for loss, but to actually discern the reason or reasons for the numbers of debacle being encountered in the past. Now it is not unusual to predict even though without a certain language the failures a man has encountered given the present apparent circumstances in his life, however, it would be pious not to make mention of them or waste resources on such matter since the destiny of every man is differ from one another and the reasons of their life being characterized with unique indistinguishable complexities.

It is always understood that the best strategy to make a headway in life is by evaluating the past, not elevating it. This enables a man to experientially render judgement to the bad decisions, indiscretion, and inaction when action is needed, and the despondency that is often as a result of setback. 

All these are vices a man must consider to graft out of his personality should he deem becoming great a matter of importance. A man should also have the understanding of the fact that grafting out of certain vices is done mainly for the purpose of incorporating certain virtues that may better their lives. And so, below are the required and relevant virtues that everyone needs to travel with this year in order to achieve the unprecedented form of success.

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