We Are What We Eat!

 Have you ever noticed the labels on the packages of food you and your family buy? Do you know what your body needs and what it doesn't?  Nutrients are parts of the food the body can use for growth, for energy and for repairing itself. Carbohydrates; fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water are different kinds of nutrients found in food.

  Carbohydrates and Fats provide energy for the body. examples are yam,rice,bagels,pastas,olive,
nuts,fish etc.Proteins helps in growth of the body and  helps maintain and repair the body examples of protein are beans, fish,meat,egg. Vitamins help the body use food, help eyesight and skin. It also aids in fighting infections. Vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables. Minerals help build bones and teeth and aid in such functions as muscle contractions and blood clotting. Minerals are found in green vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs. Water helps with growth and repair of the body. It also helps the body digest food and gets rid of wastes.

Calories Count:
  A calorie is a measure of how much energy we get from food. Kids aged 7 to 12 and teenaged girls should eat about 2,200 calories a daily. Teenaged girls should eat about 2,200 calories daily while teenaged girls should eat about 2,800 calories daily. Active people who play sports, for instance may need more. To maintain a healthy weight, it is important to balance the calories in the food you eat with calories you use up. The more active you are, the more calories you burn. If you eat more calories than your body uses, you will gain weight.
 A little bit of fat keeps your body warm. It gives the muscles energy. It helps keep the skin soft and healthy. But the body needs only a small amount to do all these things. Less than one-third of your calories should come from fat, if you are over two years old.

Eating too much fat can make some people's bodies produce too much cholesterol. This waxy substance can build up over the years on the inside of arteries. Too much cholesterol keeps blood from flowing freely through the arteries and can cause serious health problems such as heart attacks. Eat healthy foods and little junks like candy, soda and most desserts that have lots of calories and not many nutrients.

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