MORINGA: Remedy for Male and Female Infertility.

Moringa tree, native to Asia and Africa is known as the "miracle tree" or "the tree of life". This wonder tree cures over 300 diseases including, arthritis,epilepsy, skin infection, hair loss, menstrual disorder,malnutrition, weight problems, ulcer, any kind of cancer, asthma, impotence, infertility in women, and lots more.

The inabilty to conceive and have a child is similar to having Cancer and HIV. Hence, infertilty in men and women needs urgent attention. Moringa is a plant that contains all the vitamins and minerals the body needs.

 How to cure impotence and infertilty:

Making Herbal Tonic: Get the extract of five to ten moringa flowers by boiling it. Mix with 1 cup of cowmilk. To sweten the mixture, add a teaspoon of sugar.
 This process should span between a week and a month while tests should be carried out for changes or improvements. The resulting tonic can cure infertility of both males and females.
The bark of moringa tree turned into powder, improves semen quality when taken internally.

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