The Many Health Benefits of Plantain

Plantain is an household plant. Both adults and children like it. Plantain have many health benefits.

The green leaf of plantain is very useful for treating diabetes. Simply boil the fresh leaves in water. Drink a glassful twice daily. Pregnant women should not take this preparation.

 Plantain sap offers quick relief for nervousness and even hysteria. It calms the system and promotes sleep.

Take two dessertspoons twice daily. It also brings relief from those suffering from dysentry, diarrhea and constipation.

 The leaves of plantain is useful against skin rashes and urns as well as convulsion. Grind some plantain leaves into powder.

Mix four dessert spoons of the powder with palmkernel oil or vegetable run and apply to the affected parts. In cases of convulsion, apply to the whole body.

 The peel of both the ripe and unripe plantain is cure for stomach ulcer. Dry the peels and grind to ashes. Mix one tablespoon of the powder with some honey, then lick. Twice daily.

 The rosted plantain fruit is good for men with weak erection and low sperm count. Make a habit of eating two roasted plantain daily.

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