Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf is one of the widely used cooking vegetable in Africa and it can grow in any part of the world. Bitter leaf is highly medicinal and can be used to cure diseases and keep the body in good condition.

 Bitter leaf speeds up metabolism and therefore is good for weight loss. It relieves fever and feverish conditions. Take the squeezed juice 3 times daily until the symptoms disappear.

 Bitter leaf also helps reduce high sugar level in the blood, and great for diabetic patients.

 To cure skin diseases, squeeze the fresh leaf on your palm and apply the juice on skin rashes, eczema, ringworm and other superficial skin ailments.
You will notice a change in few days. Don't apply to open wounds. Bitter leaf is also known to soothe and cure pile.

Bitter leaf prevents arthritis and rheumatism. It soothes swollen joints and eradicates the pain. It is also used to cure memory loss.

Bitter leaf is used to cure insomnia. Take two glasses of the juice every night.
 Bitter leaf also cures mild stomach ailment and detoxifies the body.

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