How to Prevent Heart Disease

 Heart disease (cardiovascular disease) is a class of disease that involve the heart, the blood vessels or both. Heart disease can be caused by sugar consumption, tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, family history, obesity, lack of physical activity, air pollution,age, gender, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes.

 Exercise prevents diseases. Exercise a lot, take long walks, take yoga classes.

 Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, they contain vitamin and minerals that are good for the body.

 Take vitamin B complex every morning and eat fish at least once a week. Drink at least two cups of tea (black or green). Eat a high fiber breakfast cereal at least four times a week. Make fresh salad dressing with one tablespoon of flaxseed oil. This contains omega-3 fatty acid which is good for the heart.

 Make sure you have a beer or red wine once a day. It lowers cholesterol levels of heart health. Reduces the levels of fibrinogen, a protein that contributes to blood clots. Choose either wine or beer, not both.

 Dark chocolate is also good for the heart. Eat apiece of dark chocolate several times a week.they contain flavonoids which help hearts stay healthy.

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