Is Jumia for Real?

Give them a try and if you are convinced drop your comments and testimonies below.
Yesterday at work a colleague of mine confirmed the genuineness of this so much acclaimed site in Nigeria .

Actually she told me she placed an order  for a 2 in 1 Gas-Electric cooker on their website. Initially she taught it was like a joke cos she didn't expect a positive response of sought. She just filled the order page form and the then got her order code which she wrote down.

The next day, She received a phone call from Jumia asking if she placed an order for so so products on their website which she affirmed. She was told to make cash available as the products shall be delivered in three days time. To her surprise, the morning she was to get her products she got another call from them saying they were on their way heading to her house asking for descriptions and that she should make cash available. They also gave her the phone number of the guy that was going to deliver the goods.

Lest i forget, she actually chose the option of 'pay on delivery' That is She will actually pay when they get the product to her door step which they actually did.

So if you are actually very busy and have no time for shopping look no further because sites like can help you ease the stress of going to that shopping mall.

Give them a try and if you are convinced drop your comments and testimonies below.

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