When You Neglect The Place of Medicine for Divine Healing. God Supports Medicine!

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Mr. Kunle, a man I know, contracted tuberculosis early this year. He died few days ago because he refused medical attention until when it became too late (as I later found out from one of his co-workers).

Tuberculosis is treatable (the drugs are free) but when not properly handled through early diagnosis and drug therapy, it could lead to death.

It is a disease that no one should die of if proper medical treatments are employed but Mr. Kunle died because he refused to go for treatment on time.

This is one of many of such cases where people refuse medical treatment.
The reason that most of them give (in the Nigerian society for instance) apart from the expenses involved is that they have 'faith' that the sickness will go away.

Some people discontinue their medication with the belief that a miracle will occur. No doubt, miracles do occur but one should not stop taking his medication because of that.
My aunt has a heart disease and she is believing God for healing but that does not mean that she should stop taking her medication.

Some people neglect symptoms of illness in their bodies and say 'nothing will happen' and they refuse to go for medical check-up. But before they know it, a lot has happened and they are down with a serious illness.
Others tell themselves that they are now well even when the sickness is still evident.
There are people who have been placed on a diet because of an existing medical condition but they keep on eating what they should not eat hoping that 'nothing will happen'

A lady had cancer but she kept having 'faith' that it would go away when she knew her faith wasn't strong. By strong faith I mean a strong conviction that circumstances will definitely change. She eventually had to go for chemotherapy but by that time, the cancer had already reached the metastatic stage where the treatment could hardly be of much help to her. She could have delayed the course of the disease and prolonged her life if she had sought for medical help on time.

Let me state clearly that I am not against relying on divine healing. What I'm saying is that God can use anything including drugs to bring your healing.

There are many people who have died untimely due to this practice. People who can hardly trust God for little things instantly become 'faith giants' and refuse medical help when they have life-threatening illnesses. The outcome is usually not good. You don't have to insist on walking on foot when a car is available to take you to your destination.

Thank God for divine healing. In fact, I've witnessed it before. But please if your faith is not strong enough (by the way, what some people have is not even faith, they just live in denial), it is not a bad thing to go for medical treatment. It may be where the solution to your problem lies.

Know when to seek medical help. If you feel that this is against your religious orientation, you may want to have a rethink.

The earth is the Lord's and its fullness including drugs and medical procedures.
God did not allow all these medical breakthroughs we've had over the past century and decades for nothing.
Please as much as you can afford it, avail yourself of the numerous medical help that is available today. There are many deaths that would have been prevented if people sought for medical help on time.

Let me make this clear once again, I have not condemned faith healing neither have I put Medicine on a pedestal.
My point is, God is able to heal people divinely but please do not rule out medical intervention.

Everything is at God's disposal to use and that includes medicines/drugs. So, don't hesitate to visit a health care professional when you need help. Your family and loved ones still need you around (alive) for a long time. smiley

Do you know anyone like Mr Kunle? Counsel and encourage such a person to seek medical help today.

Stay healthy.

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