21 Recommended Part-Time Jobs Ideas for the New Year 2015

Part-time jobs are those jobs that can be done at  chosen hours without stressing yourself. You can engage in any of these jobs if you are not currently employed.

Even if you are employed, you may still engage yourself with them and make some extra cash for yourself.

These jobs were known to be profitable in 2014. Therefore, there is assurance that the trend will continue.

25 Recommended Jobs/Work in 2015
  1. Photography
  2. Event Planning
  3. Catering Service 
  4. Creche Services
  5. Barbing Salon/Hair-Dressing
  6. Computer Services (Photocopying, Scanning, Printing Services e.t.c)\
  7. Bulk SMS services
  8. Website Design
  9. Phone Repair services
  10. Recharge Card selling
  11. Kerosine sales
  12. Provisions selling
  13. Fruit selling
  14. Laundry services
  15. Beads Making
  16. Home Tutor services
  17. Graphics/Logo designs
  18. Jewelries Making
  19. Sports Betting
  20. Car Cleaning services
  21. Cooking services.             
  22. If you have other ideas that can help our readers, kindly comment below and share

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