Is it Possible to Earn a Living from One Blog?

This is one question that has been in my mind for some time now. Is it really possible to EARN a living blogging and from a single blog for that matter? I really mean daily living - that is blogging as a major source of income without doing any other thing.

Are you a blogger? Are you blogging for a major income source online.

Definitely, the likes of most successful bloggers like LindaIkeji and others are actually making a kill in this blogging business?
Are you a lucky blogger like them?

What do you think it takes to become a successful blogger that will make you to depend majorly on blogging as a MAJOR Income source.

Your opinions are highly welcome. They shall be published here.....


Here are some answers from readers, this was culled from 'Quora'

1. Bryan Burrell

Absolutely it is! The thing is all about traffic, giving valuable content to the proper audience, and promoting the blog properly.

2. Iman Tips

Few bloggers successfully make their good living by running one blog only. Range earning is between $1,000 to $10,000+ monthly.
There things you need to pay attention:
  • One niche that suit your passion. So this can encourage you to run a blogging business. It is as a passion, not as a burden.
  • Build your own list. This is most valuable asset. Without it, there is hard to make the good living. And with the list, you can sustain your own online business (by blogging).
  • Finding products that related to your niche and you can promote for making money with the blog.
  • Know about how to generate targeted traffic to the blog for capturing leads and monetizing. Without traffic, there is no sales.
Conclusion: the answer is definitely YES.

Of course it is possible. If you are doing this by yourself there's actually more chance of your blog becoming successful because you'll be able to invest all your efforts and resources into the one blog.

Spreading yourself too thin, managing many blogs can be detrimental to their quality and as such reduce the chance of making them profitable. 

There are millions of successful blogs where people are earning a living from their blog.

More answers are welcomed...

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