How To Reduce Your PHCN Bill By 50%

Do you know you can reduce your PHCN bills by over 50%. There has been an outcry recently on PHCN bills in recent times.

This article will teach you on how to reduce your PHCN bill by over 60%. However, this method applies to those who use postpaid and prepaid meters and does not apply to those that are charged based on an estimated bill.

Electrical appliances like Electrical Iron, Microwave Oven, Electric Kettle, boiling ring, electric cooker consumes a lot of energy and accounts for over 50% of total monthly power consumption.
 What if we can get a device that will help us to reduce the power consumption of this
appliances by almost 80% and our appliances still works as if it were being supplied normal current.

Lets illustrate with an Electric Iron with a power rating of 1000watts, we connect our Iron to a device that will only allow the iron to draw 200 watts and then boost the 200w to 1000 watts to power the Iron. The Electric Iron only draws 200 watts with the help of the device and the device boost the power supply to the Iron to 1000watt tom power the Iron.

We refer to our device as Power Booster. The below diagram helps to illustrate better.

 From the above diagram, the power booster has saved us 80% energy that will have been consumed directly by the electric iron this is a good way of conserving energy and hereby saving more.

The cost of a power booster ranged between 2000-2500 naira which can help you save much more. It is important to note that the power booster only works with resistive loads like These are appliances with high power ratings. The power booster may not be use for inductive loads like Fan, Air Conditioner, Refrigerators and others.

The power booster can also be used generator to power electric appliances such as Electric iron, electric stove, electric kettles, boiling rings, microwave oven and others which would not have been powered by a generator.

The power booster apart from powering the appliances also help to protect the coil of the generator.

To start saving money: You can check '' to get a copy of the energy saver.

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