The Laws of Money. Basic Facts You Have Ignored!

In the journey of success, one of the most important thing to deal with is the environment. How do we control our environment? With these simple tips we can know how the Laws of money worms in different ways.

1 The Law of Productivity: Money comes to those who are producing something. What are you producing ? Money answers to production. Your annual income is directly proportional to your Gross Personal Products. So start producing something today. You may need to learn a trade...get a new skill. So many things you can produce. Branded shirts...shoes...bags....beads and wireworks name them.

 2. The Law of service: Money is reward for service. What service are you rendering? Money is proportional to the quantity, quality and rate of your service.There are many examples of services one can render which are: Photography, Carpentry, Plumbing, Hair salon, Creche,House cleaning e.t.c.

 3. Law of Selling and distribution : The more you sell, the more money you make. What are you selling/distributing?

4. The Law of financial management:You don't grow big to manage you manage well to grow big. It's not your level of management that makes you a borrower its your lack of management. You don't borrow money to buy a car. Don't buy on credit! Have a budget.


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