What Business Can This Person Starts with N50,000? See Answers

This was the question: I'm a graduate that completed my NYSC by july and at the end of my service, all the cash i could save was N50,000 and i have tried getting a job but all to no avail after the service and i have tried to keep this money in my account but i don't have an idea of any little business that i can start with this small amount and i'm tired of staying at home. I need an advice please. Here are some answers provided...but we culled some reasonable answers to this question and if you are in this guy's shoes you may find them beneficial.

1. Someone said 'cattle raring with a starting capital of 25k, u can also go into importation, roasting of plantain, liquid soup making..' shoe making, bag making

2. Another said... 'If you are in lagos, get to cotonou, buy ladies bags,okarika, you will be surprised how many bags 50k can get you, and mind you , you don't need a shop to start off, tell your female friends and neighbors, or you can hang the bags in a persons shop, just make sure you don't leave it for them to sale for you, or you can buy men's shoes,loafers, etc okarika and still sample it or tell neighbours, if you are mobile, you can take it to your state secretariat and sale from your car boot, if you are in the east, you can get down to aba, buy good shirt materials, find a tailor,then take it to banks etc, but make sure you know how to use a tape..Good luck'

3. Another interesting idea was given by another person... -.Car wash.. If you can find a strategic location in a commercial or institutional area to rent or get persimmon for use with returns to the owner monthly. You could make between 30-70k monthly -Barbing saloon..Also involves you scouting a good area probably around a campus or residential area to get a small shop, generator, -Business center(Photocopying/Printing)..Laptop, a small A4 printer and/or a second hand photocopier, You would be surprised by how much you could make in a month in a campus or ministry.. All the above involve the sale of a service with little running costs, rather than goods that might tie your money down till a customer comes along.Maybe other posters can advice you adequately on goods that can bring good returns. Wish you all the best..'

4..This other person had this to say... 'minute digital passport. what you need is a location close to secondary sch or university or bus stop, umbrella, table and chair, one yard of white and red material. Canon printer30-33k, camera of 12-15k or u can use your phone if u Have high resolution and small banner. with this u can start making at least 1000naira profit daily'

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