Planning of Travelling Abroad for the First Time as a Nigerian? Things You Should Know

Most Nigerians wish to travel abroad because they hope to get better living condition for themselves, these are the things you must know before going :

1.Try to learn a little about the currency of the country you are going to : You must know that no other country is using Naira apart from Nigeria,you must learn little and most preferably much about the currency you are going to use in the country you are going to avoid cheating

2. Know their traditions and culture : You must know that you aren't going to meet igbo,hausa or yoruba but other traditi├Âns,check whether their tradition and rule is not very strict to abide with,try learning a bit of their language also if it is not English So that they will not sell you and buy you with it before you know lolz,

3.Check if their religeon doesn,t c├Ântradict with yours : For Example,you can't be a pastor and you want to reside in iraq if not for missionary,you may not even see any church over there,just study their religeon very well

4.Always remember that Nigeria will always be your home : It is a pity that most of our travellers don't remember their home again,an adage says "Don't because of money spoil miami because after spoiling miami, you are still going to return to Miami" Even if you change your country,Your blood is ours.

5.Always Remember that idle hands are not always welcomed : Try to learn at least a trade or handwork before going,be self reliance,white collar jobs overseas are not always appreciated

6.Tax oversea is compulsory : Don't think there is a place where you can evade tax,it is compulsory and there is a severe purnishment for anyone caught evading Tax .

7.Check the country entrance and exit fee if it is affordable : Some countries compulsory certain fee for entrance and exit all time for outsiders,check if you can afford the price

8.Get our own currency with you : Anyone may ask about your country,our currency will give them total answer and also try knowing about our emperial leader images drawn on it.

9.Learn to associate with people : If you aren't good in associating with people now,try to now,those people you are going to meet aren't Nigerian and they can't even read your mind,try as much as possible to start associating with people now and be friendly

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