BVN Scam Alert! Nigerians Beware.

Our attention has been drawn to the latest trend by which fraudsters and scammers are using to scam unsuspecting Nigerians of their hard earned money.

They usually send sms and now they send customised bulk sms message, telling the victim that their ATM Card has been deactivated and to reactivate it, they will have to call CBN, Inter-switch etc organization. They also added a phone number which you will have to call and when you do so, they will talk you into giving your ATM Card Details such as the card Number, The 3 digit CVV Number At the back of the card, ATM Pin. Giving them this details means you have given them access to your personal ATM Card Details to use for their activities.

Do not FALL for this trick/Scam! Don't even call their numbers.

You may say how does giving them this details be a threat to your hard earned money saved in the bank since the card is not physically with them. well, its true they don't have the card with them but with the details you have giving them, they can wipe all the money in your bank account within a twinkle of an eye. How is this possible you may say. It is very possible with the help of online shopping and payment. They can use your card details to shop on the internet. This means they can use it to do online shopping from different website, make payment for subscriptions online, sell your card information to other people to use, work hand in hand with an insider from bank you got the atm card etc.

There are lots of ways one can use your ATM card details without your notice and before you know it, all the money you have worked for will be wiped out. God Help you the account your ATM Card is linked to is not the one where your life savings is deposited into because you may collapse immediately you start getting alert of expenses you have paid for without your notice.
This is not something that is worth experiencing in the hands of scammer.

We at Wazobiablog.com are proclaiming and spreading the news that  if you come across such message, you should not bother responding to it because CBN or the organisation they used in the text will not send you a message that your ATM Card has been deactivated.

If you have any issue with your ATM card or whatever go to your Bank branch office directly.

Thank God the banks too have been spreading this BVN scam alerts through their customers registered email addresses.

These are some of the messages and  numbers that they have been sending to Nigerians... this is an example of a sms sent out'

Another message is below:

'Dear customer, due to the BVN policy as directed by CBN, your ATM has just been DE-activated to re-activate kindly call customer care via 070 1006 1572.'
These are fraudsters looking for who to devour.
Don't be a Victim!

Don't bother calling them, just delete such messages immediately.

Kindly share this article and  spread the word, let us frustrate their efforts in scamming innocent Nigerians.


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