What are the most required mining occupations in Nigeria?

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Nigeria is rich in various minerals. Ancient crystalline rocks contain ores of nonferrous and rare metals: tin, niobium, tungsten and molybdenum, zirconium, tantalum, uranium, gold and silver. In sedimentary rocks the deposits of hard and brown coal, oil, gas, limestone are found. The wealth of the country is oil. Its importance in the economy is growing every year. Mining is the main branch of the economy, providing up to 90% of state revenues. And today mining industry requires  well-educated skilled personnel. If you are a specialist in mining, or looking for future specialization - welcome to Jiji http://jiji.ng/mining-industry-jobs!
Here you will find the full list of jobs in mining that are on top of employers interest!
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Geologist is a specialist in the study of the composition and structure of rocks for the purpose of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, oil and rare ores. The profession of geologist combines the solution of production problems and the development of theoretical problems, the study of natural objects and patterns, as well as evaluate the feasibility of their use.

Pros and cons of the profession

Pluses of the profession: working nontemplate; analytical and creative; high wages. The geologist must take into account many factors, in fact, carry out  the research every time.
It is one of the few professions that are considered as a romantic one and has its attractions for people of all interests.
Cons of profession: a shift method - geologists go on an expedition for a few weeks where they work in a very intensive mode without output.
- Hydrogeologist deals with problems of water in nature, exploring the physical properties of groundwaters and surface water basins. He explores all matters about works in the ocean and sea floors.
- Driller provides drilling exploratory wells and coring (rock samples).


Engineers apply the theories and principles of various sciences of technical and practical problems. Their work plays a role of a link between scientific discoveries and developments and their practical application. They design technology, industrial equipment, machinery, are involved in the design and development of production control systems, industrial automation, business management processes. They are studying the causes of the deterioration and the production failure. They also test the products after manufacturing to determine their quality.
There are many engineering proffecions, we will focus only on some of them. Complex projects require a comprehensive approach in the study, so they can work on a group of engineers of various specialties, each of whom fulfills his part of the job.

Working conditions

Engineers work in industrial plants, laboratories, construction, agriculture, research centers, design organizations, which perform a wide range of works - check, supervise, organizing work, solve a lot of problems related to their areas. Many of them are located in the offices of their entire working day. The engineers in such specialties as a petroleum engineer, power engineer can work away from home, developing and mastering the deposits in various parts of the country. Terms and conditions of their work is largely dependent on the type of business or organization. Petroleum engineers are engaged in the creation of technical devices and means of downhole oil and gas, the exploitation of oil, gas fields, both on land and at the sea, construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines, and oil depots.
Mining engineers work in coal or ore mines and quarries, in the organizations engaged in the design of mines and quarries, guiding their operation, as well as the work of a number of specialists - mine geologists, geophysicists, engineers, etc.
They organize the work of subordinate workers, monitor production discipline, correct execution of all works on the site, providing it with necessary materials. They are also engaged in the development of new mining technologies.

And what occupation is best for you?

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