Rising Gospel Talented Artist- Tobi Savour Tells Wazobiablog about Himself.

Nigeria's rising gospel star artist 'Tobi Savour' tells Wazobiablog about himself....See below

'Aduramo Samuel Oluwatobi is my name and I go by the name Tobi Savour as my stage name. I included 'savour'  in my name because I know what I'm born to do and who I am. So if anyone will ask me that question 'who are you'?  My answer is simple- I'm the sweetness that my
generation needs, A voice to the voiceless, Hope to the hopeless, the melody that never fades, A voice that keeps singing in the deepest part of the soul, A companion in the shadow of loneliness. I'm not trying to flatter it's just who I am.

 Music is my life and not just a passion. I discovered that my life is not fulfilled without music and from my childhood I've loved to sing and even now as an adult I can't imagine living without it.

Everything that I'm passing through translates to songs and the reflection of it is the 'Ona Asi videos'. When all hope seems gone there is a hope. When a door seems shot God has the master key to many glorious doors'
Tobi Savour can be reached through the following media....

 Twitter:  https://twitter.com/tobisavour
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TobiSavour/

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