3 Most Powerful Tribes In Nigeria, Number 1 Will Shock You!!

There so many tribes in Nigeria. The most pupolar tribe known in Nigeria are the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba tribes. In this view, Most people from the Igbo tribe are known within their kingsmen for doing busines trading all over the world with few of them going to school to obtain degree. The igbo speaking states in Nigeria are: Abia State, Imo State, Anambra, Enugu State, Delta State, Eboyi and some other part of the country that shares some tribes with the igbos. Hausa tribe are known to be prominient tribe in Nigeria with the highest population. Most of them are well educated while majority are not educated. Most of them are well known as farmers. And they are likely the most tribe that handles the affairs of Nigeria currently. Few of their elites are well educated with Phd, associate degree and bacholar degrees. But despite that, they are not the among the most powerful tribe in Nigeria. They have highest states in Nigeria
Yoruba tribe comparises of the most educated tribe in Nigeria. They well educated and have aliens in the United Kingdom which seems to be their base. Yoruba tribe are also know for their diverse culture heritage which attracts tourist from part of the world. They are also have the second largest states in Nigeria after Hausa tribe. Most of yoruba tribes are lawyers, doctors etc. But yet they are not among the most powerful tribe in Nigeria. Here are the most powerful tribes in Nigeria 1.Kalagbaris 2.Ogonis 3.Fulanis

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