50 SMS (Short Media Messages) Text For Friends

There are so many people in your life that have made you feel loved and comfortable in every areas of your life. Here about 50 text messages you could send each day for any of your lovely friend irrespective of gender. Do have your time to copy and send to that lovely friend that you always to see happy and know that she or he is being loved by you irrespective your kind of friendship. Wish and pray for your friends always.

Here are the 50 sms text messages to send to someone dear to you.

1.  May your life be blessed as we continue to be friends.

2. Whenever I feel scared of facing my fears, the one reading this message is always there to add more vigor to me through motivation. I must say thank you for the concern.

3. I have really missed you, my dear friend. But, I hope you will be back pretty soon to fill the cleft you have emptied in my heart.

4. Just like the moon gleams, so is your presence in my life.

5. On the walls of my heart, your name is scribbled there like hieroglyphs on the walls of a cave.I can’t forget about a cute friend like you.

6. Did I ever tell you this before? That I see you as a mentor, not just a mere friend?

7. Friends they say, are known in times of trials and of course, you have proven to be one. I love you.

8. May all the goodies that you deserve, not be hindered by any misfortune.

9. I must first say, thank you for everything bit of help and support you have been rendering to me, friend. I heart you.

10. For the sake of your support to me in all my aspirations, may God bless you.
11. I can’t help but say, I am someone today because of your assistance in my endeavors, my friend.

12. I always tell myself, if nature turns things around and ask me to choose a close friend from a million. It will be no one but, you.

13. You are indeed, a pillar to me throughout my struggle in school till when I got my first job. Thank you.

14. I really can’t thank you enough for your concern and contribution to me.Thank you.

15. I am indeed grateful for your sweat, blood and resources that all went away to get me to where I am my friend. I am happy for having a lovely friend like you.

16. I always cherish your presence because, your smile, help and words of encouragement are valuable to me.

17. When I was clueless about life, you gave me insights on what to do with myself. I am indeed grateful for that.

18. I pray that you won’t experience lack that leads to poverty again.All through your life.

19. My heart feels cared for, anytime I recall that I have a lovely person like you as a friend.

20. Your life will be an experience of unmerited favor and grace. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

21. If I have any treasure in this life then it’s you.Crazy right? I mean it.

22. If I am to have just you at the expense of my car, then let it be.

23. I can’t stop loving the one whom despite the struggles he passed through, had to summon courage and strength in order to make me strong again. And that person is you.

24. I can’t really be able to attain this height without you be my side. You have indeed been a great support to me through helping me find clarity, set goals and achieve them.

25. I really wonder if it’s true the saying; “blood is thicker than water “. Because your support has outperformed the sort I often get from my relatives.Thank you for being my friend.

26. I know of a saviour-like person, and he happens to be you.

26. It’s has been a great journey so far — having a very generous and loving friend like you.

27. If dying will be the best kick-back or reward I am to give so as to compensate you. I really doubt that.

28. You are the definition of what it entails to have a family. Ever since I lost my family members your company has been the only one I have.

29. I love you not because you are rich, beautiful, strong or older than me.But, because you always never mind if it looks crazy to stand for me.

30. My heart goes out to the one that reflects true friendship in whatever she does.

31. Just like a fish sees water, so do I and treasure you in my life.

32. If a smile is a faddy gesture, I will make yours be a constant expression daily.

33. I wonder how unfunny and uninteresting my life will be without you, by me.

34. You are an angel sent from above; your presence and assistance have helped me retrace my steps back to the righteous path.

35. A big shout out to my naughty, cute, silly and loving friend — you.

36. Heaven must have ordained you to be my close companion and support. I heart you, dear.

37. Even though we sometimes don’t get to understand each other, I still love your uniqueness.

38. I don’t often tell you what I feel about you.But, know this today — the cleft in my heart is meant for you.

39. I can’t find the right words to actually paint how inspired I feel anytime I hear you speak.Let me admit here, that you are my driver.

40. Of all the feats I have achieved so far, it has been because of your motivational words and encouragement. I say thank you, my lovely friend.

41. We may not get to meet each other constantly, but your absence still feels like you are here. You know why? A single action you do always leave a positive impact on my mind’s crust.

43. Our friendship is that that makes anyone think we are doing magic to make it strong and back in shape despite the quarrels we use to have.

45. Having you as a friend has really inspired me in so many ways that I can’t even paint how happy I feel.

46. The bond between me and you is stronger than a gum. Such that, people’s envy can’t get it scissored.

47. If my life’s story is to be told one day, it must begin with how you found, helped, strengthened and nurtured me into who I am today.

48. May God bless the one in a million friend I have. i.e you.

49. Some people say; “wealth is money, power and fame”. But to me, it is in people and it is not yet what it is without you.

50. I remember when I was seriously ill and thought I will just die, yet you still prayed for me and I am now healthy. I admire your never-giving-up attitude.

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